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S2ET partners with your organization to perform the following value added services:

The STRIVING FOR EXCELLENCE EVALUATION (SFE) PROGRAM is a organizational evaluation covering the ten functional areas of non-profit organizations and comparison to the “best practices” of organizations that have achieved organizational excellence. The Goals of the program are to:

  • Assist the organization by defining standards of excellence in non-profit performance and demonstrate how these standards can be achieved and maintained.
  • Assist volunteer and staff leadership in determining how effectively their organizations are functioning by providing a mechanism to measure organizational strengths and weaknesses.
  • Offer suggestions and recommendations for improvement of overall operations and reengineer the organization for excellence.
  • Encourage periodic self-assessment and continual improvement in organizational teamwork, growth and development.
  • Build leadership interest and pride in organization participation and to help volunteer leaders appreciate the true meaning and value of their roles.

The program starts with a comprehensive review of over one hundred of the organizations key documents including incorporation, bylaws, financial reporting, insurance, Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and state compliance. This risk management review covers mandatory, primary and secondary operating documents, systems and manuals.

The next step in the SFE program is an in-depth review of your organization in the ten functional areas of non-profit organizations in comparison to best practices:

  • Mission, Goals and Objectives.
  • Governing Body, Officers and Directors.
  • Organizational Structure and Documents.
  • Programs, Services and Activities.
  • Human Resources/Staffing.
  • Financial Planning and Reporting.
  • Stakeholder (Membership) Development and Retention.
  • Communications.
  • External and Government Affairs.
  • Office Technology and Management.

The SFE functional area review provides a customized report of operational recommendations for the leadership to prioritize and to begin continuous process improvement to move the organization to operational excellence. The review also provides information on growing revenues and decreasing expenses to achieve organizational objectives.

The third part of the SFE program is an in-depth benchmarking comparison in both policies and procedures and operating ratios against similar structure and size organizations. The benchmarking information is an extremely valuable tool for organization leaders to plan, evaluate and direct present and future resources.

The completed report gives the Board a comprehensive review of the organization and includes recommendations of best practices to achieve organizational excellence and benchmarks against similar organizations. If conducted with the Chief Executive Officer search it gives the new CEO a blueprint of where the organization is at and what needs to be accomplished to achieve organizational excellence. It allows the new CEO to hit the ground running.

Consulting services are provided in any of the ten functional areas and also serving as an Advisor to the Board or CEO on an hourly or fee for service basis. Consulting assignments have covered: development of request for proposals (RFP’s) for audit firms, investment advisors, government affairs; development of governance evaluations, communication audits, strategic plans, volunteer recruitment - retention and reward plans, succession plans, transition plans to and from association management companies and many more.

Nothing is more critical to a non-profits future than finding the right CEO. S2ET starts by clarifying with the organization the leadership, management skills and attributes that are needed in the position for the present and the future. Using the Striving for Excellence Evaluation Program will assist in the process by identifying the skill sets the new CEO/Senior staff leadership will need for success in the organization. This includes development of position description, salary and fringe benefit analysis, marketing the position, search, screen, produce qualified candidates for interviews, research specific behavioral interview questions to ask, background checks, provision and negotiation of contract, orientation of new employee, and post hire assistance (on boarding). It should be noted that unlike other executive search firms S2ET does not maintain a favored client list of CEO’s looking for any position. The goal of the CEO search is to find the best qualified applicant to meet the needs of the organization.

S2ET is dedicated to providing interim executive leadership services to client partners undergoing leadership change and providing stability in the unsettling period when an organization is without a CEO or key staff person. Leadership change, planned or not, can be unsettling and have tremendous consequences on an organization. S2ET provides a proven leader and award winning administer that brings added value of conducting organizational evaluations that will allow the new CEO to get up to speed and know the Board priorities from the beginning of their employment. The interim CEO provides the opportunity for the Board to know that the day to day operations will continue and improve while at the same time they do not have to be involved in the tedious details of the CEO Search. An interim CEO allows the volunteer leadership time to assess the performance of the organization, reconsider directions, bring in a new perspective of looking at the organization and also search for a CEO that has the skill sets that are aligned with the organizations needs.

S2ET also assists early stage, start up organizations. Organization founders have many responsibilities, very little time and are usually big on ideas and passion but low on all the requirements to properly incorporate and get operational best practices in place at the birth of the organization. S2ET provides the expertise to guide you through the process and set up an organizational structure to meet your mission.