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The cost to replace the CEO is expensive and has been estimated to cost 150% of the base salary of the departing CEO. This does not include the lost time and money of productivity or learning curve of the new executive. Many organizations use executive recruiters that are very costly and charge between 20-35% of the base salary while others charge a flat fee with the promise if the individual does not work out they will conduct the next search complimentary. Few nonprofit organizations can afford either the money or the risk of hiring the wrong person. Also, many of these firms simply open their files and pull from their favorite list of individuals are who are looking for any job and that is who the organization ends up with and no consideration is given to matching skill sets to the needs of your organization. S2ET does not work that way.

There are other transition management consulting firms that have a stable of mostly unemployed or retired executives. You end up paying not only for the interim CEO but also for the overhead of the firm and the profit margin of the owners of the firm. Also you are at their mercy as to the quality and ability of the interim CEO and their time if they are working for more than one organization. S2ET consulting does not work that way either. The President, Patrick Winters, does the work and clients get the full undivided attention of an award winning professional because only one or a few assignments are accepted at any one time.

S2ET’s mission is to partner with you to achieve organizational excellence. The goal is to provide your organization with excellence in service, in line with your budget. The fee can be hourly, per diem, project or value based and the amount is negotiated based on your needs and your budget with consideration given to the size of staff and budget as well as the complexity and duration of the assignment.

S2ET feels it has an obligation to share expertise with organizations and individuals in need. S2ET gives back to the non-profit and CEO leadership profession by offering pro bono services to organizations in need of consulting services and novice CEO’s needing a mentor.