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American Greyhound Track Operators Association - Miami, FL.
American Physical Therapy Association - Sacramento, CA
Better Business Bureau – Denver, CO.
Boulder County Community Services - Boulder, CO
Building Owners and Managers Association – Denver, CO.
California Travel Parks Association - Auburn, CA
Colorado Association of Public Employees – Denver, CO.
Emergency Medicine Patient Safety Foundation - Auburn, CA
Governor’s Office of Human Resources – Denver, CO.
Houston Apartment Association – Houston, TX
Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, Restoration Certification - Vancouver, WA.
Jefferson County Workforce Development Board – Birmingham, AL.
Louisiana Amusement and Music Operators Association – Baton Rouge, LA.
Massachusetts Association of Insurance Agents - Boston, MA.
Metro Brokers, Inc. - Denver, CO.
National Association of Credit Management – Chicago, IL.
National Association of Exclusive Buyer Agents – Phoenix, AZ.
National Risk Retention Association – Milwaukee, WI.
Ohio Florists Association - Columbus, OH.
Professional Independent Insurance Agents of Colorado - Denver, CO.
Region 9 Community Services – Durango, CO.
Snowy Range Community Action Agency – Laramie, WY.
Society for Maintenance and Reliability Professionals – McLean, VA.
Society for Marketing Professional Services - Alexandria, VA.
South Region Minority Business Council – Birmingham, AL.

“Mr. Winters has been successful in reorganizing the program in a short period of time and resolved the personnel problems expeditiously…He is pleasant, courteous and very hard working…believe his dedication to improving the lives of low income persons is genuine.” Margaret B. Markey, Chairwoman, Boulder County Board of County Commissioners.

“His expertise as an administrator is remarkable and his ability to elicit the best from those he employs is unsurpassed…takes a position of leadership in whatever job he tackles…asset to any organization or group that secures his talents.” Wally Toevs, Boulder County Commissioner.

“We were about to be defunded, the staff was at each other’s throats...finances and programs were a mess…In less than a year we were only the second agency in the state with an “A” status, the highest designation possible…brings out the best talents of everyone he is associated with and helps develop weaknesses into strengths…doesn’t settle for second best, knows how to make painful changes when necessary…excellent manger of time, money and people.” C.J. Grahek, CAP Chairman.

“Thank you for your support for the new airport…I appreciate your leadership.” Roy Romer, Governor, State of Colorado.

“Pat took over as Executive Director at a time when we were in serious financial and program difficulty, within a short period of time he had tremendously reversed our situation…BOMA is now considered one of the outstanding associations in the country. The one word that describes Pat is ‘Professional’…outstanding administrator and leader…thinks on his feet...communicates with candor.” Bernard Sichel, Chairman Building Owners and Managers Association.

“Because of Pat our organization is internationally recognized for excellence in administration, and programs…tremendous ability to conceptualize ideas and turn them into programs that are planned, monitored and evaluated to success… We have been honored for our government affairs, education, data collection and communications programs. Took over our floundering certification program from a major university and developed a model delivery system that is now used around the world. Gets along well with people, exhibits leadership and is highly regarded in the community.” Chris Matthews, RPA, Chairman, Building Owners and Managers Association.

“Because of Patrick Winters executive leadership and expertise in nonprofit management, SMPS is a dynamic, well run, exciting organization that the entire membership is proud of. His technical expertise in association management greatly increased our revenues as we met member needs and decreased expenses as he identified waste and fraud…saved us $500,000 in expenses…made my term a success and because of his assistance I exceeded my personal and professional goals for SMPS…Great sense of humor, works hard and smart and holds himself and others to high ethical and professional standards.” Betty S. Hearn, CPSM, Chairwoman, Society for Marketing Professional Services.

“Pat came to AGTOA knowing it was a risk…despite the negative trend, he stabilized the industry, increased membership and added valuable programs, drafted model legislation, developed industry reporting data…developed programs that assisted members in saving money and making money, favorably negotiated our music licensing agreements and other contracts…Most importantly, at a time we needed unity, he served as our leader and industry spokesperson…excellent public speaker who relayed our message to the public, governments and industry related groups.” Stanley F. Phillips, Chairman, American Greyhound Track Operators Association.

“He quickly took our aging organization (100 years old) and began reinventing it. His evaluation and recommendations resulted in a new name, logo, vision, mission, strategic plan, bylaws, budget, board and staff reorganization…Immediately solved long standing personnel, IT, financial and legal issues… resulted in increased marketing and sales and the turnaround of our organization in image and profitability…not only saved the organization but brought us in to the next century.” Robert Hurley , CCE, Past Chairman, National Association of Credit Management Chicago/Midwest.

“His quick evaluation uncovered our strengths and weaknesses and as he would say ‘the mission had been sacrificed in favor of building reserves and paying bonuses’. He set us on a new course that produced a first in the nation agreement with the Attorney General office to process consumer inquiries and complaints, new website with “hits” up 100% and reorganized staff that now processes complaints in 48 hours, down from 18 weeks…The BBB is now the largest business membership organization in the state…Created a foundation that will serve to educate consumers and provide much needed research.” Robert Quinette, Chairman, Better Business Bureau.

“Thank you for your evaluation and for your immediate response to my urgent needs…The staff and I enjoyed the experience…I appreciate the professional manner in which it was conducted. The final report is fair and accurate and correctly identifies the opportunities that exist for PIIAC… Report is very informative and will be an excellent tool for PIIAC leaders and staff.” Barbara Fidler, Executive Vice President, Professional Independent Insurance Agents of Colorado.

“It was an honor to have your presentation (on the need and how to perform organizational evaluations) at our conference. We received extremely enthusiastic feedback about your presentation. Your speech and additional reference materials were fascinating and timely.” Erica Sager, Center for Faith Based and Community Initiatives, U.S. Department of Labor.

“Thank you so much for your outstanding service for the Center for Workforce Development. Patrick, if all citizens would be as generous with their time as you have been, we would move mountains. I’m grateful we have citizens such as you who give of themselves so unselfishly.” Betty Fine Collins, Jefferson County (Alabama), County Commissioner.

“It is my pleasure to express our heartfelt thanks to Patrick Winters for his leadership and outstanding, effective efforts in organizing and stabilizing the Center for Workforce Development. I thought I would be presiding over the death of the organization. That is until Patrick Winters was hired to turn the program around. His evaluation of the organization resulted in a new name, bylaws, vision, mission, staff, programs, and grants. He is an organization visionary who has the leadership and management ability to make visions a reality.” Arnold Mooney, Chairman, Center for Workforce Development (Alabama).

“Saved the organization, we would not be here today without him…Cut expenses and saved us tremendous amounts of money through the institution of good business practices and doubled revenues with his entrepreneurial attitude…Led us through the ANSI Accreditation and out negotiated other organizations to acquire another certification program…Sold us on Chapters and Special Interest Groups (SIG’s) which besides spreading the mission has been our savior in retaining and growing the organization during the recession…The movement of the Board from counting paperclips to working as a true governing/policy Board has been a magnificent transformation to watch and participate…Most professional and technically competent nonprofit executive that any of us have had the opportunity to work with…Not only loosing a true professional but in many ways the conscience of the organization.” Collective evaluation from Board of Directors of Society for Maintence and Reliability Professionals.

“Pats great gift to us (as interim ED) was his overall extraordinary competence and knowledge base…great sense of humor that put us at ease during difficult times…impacted all of us in different ways…Psychologists by nature are independent of mind and action. Pat Winters did not have extensive experience with the mental health profession but one would have thought so. He immediately got on board and gave us direction in how to proceed…the legislative session went smoothly...he has the capability of providing psychological or emotional stability and reassurance while also accomplishing the content and subject matter progress needed on the task. We have an active leadership of 30 people... each felt Pat’s support and counsel. …We didn’t know about the competencies and skills we should be looking for in an ED. Pat did not blink an eye at the monumental task that lay ahead. He gave us useful documents, articles outlining information we needed to know. He gave us stellar feedback on each candidate and made observations about behavior, motivation and competence that frankly, we psychologists, did not register as thoroughly as did Pat. We had industrial/organizational psychologists heading up the assessments and evaluation of final candidates including paper and pencil tests. Pat’s assessments came in perfectly aligned with our assessments which were very confirming. He had noted the same factors as our psychologists and gave very impressive feedback. He is very interpersonally skilled, most competent in his field and is very smart. I do not expect much more than that from anybody.” Linda Campbell, Ph.D, Past Chairwoman, Georgia Psychological Association.

“His leadership and strategic planning are excellent. I have worked for large companies for 30 years. I feel his leadership and strategic planning exceeds that I have seen in any company where I have worked…moved the board from managing paperclips…(before him) we would actually discuss the color of membership cards in board meetings and overlook the fact that the key documents, files, etc, were not in order.” Michael Eisenbise, CMRP, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Society for Maintenance and Reliability Professionals.

“Want to share my appreciation for your good work. Thank you for the supportive way you shared (most unpleasant) information. I think the board was reassured with what you said and especially with how you said it. You have a very calm, even and measured way of saying things that inspires confidence, even when you are saying some unpleasant things. I am so glad we did the assessment and feel releaved to know what we know and that GPA has a road map for the future. I feel also relief that you addressed our most pressing legal and financial concerns. Thank you again for a job well done and a difficult presentation done with warmth, caring and professionalism. Betsy A. Gard, Ph.D., Chairwoman, Georgia Psychological Association.

“Mr. Winters is an experienced and knowledgeable nonprofit executive with a skill set ideal for the management of associations in transition. He came to GPA at a very difficult time of sweeping organizational change and he delivered needed services that helped GPA begin the process of creating a pathway for future success. He also prepared GPA’s officers well for the transition to me as Executive Director. I would recommend Mr. Winters as a consultant to any nonprofit organization.” Clark Thomas, MPA, CAE, Executive Director, Georgia Psychological Association.

“Patrick appears “head and shoulders” above any non-for-profit exec I’ve known. He is extremely well grounded in the basic principles and has a ton of experience that is on quick recall in support of present involvements…so professional, his knowledge and experience are just tops, incredible. Additionally, he has a wonderful demeanor…great ‘touch’ in relating to others. He is beautifully accomplished as a communicator and public speaker, exuding great charisma, control of subject matter and enormous self confidence, without the appearance of arrogance or self impressed. He is simply, a man of enormous talent and experience with great communication skills and a ‘likeability’ factor at the top of the chart. Add dependability to the max and you have a very attractive and complete package. As he leaves us I imagine him riding off into the sunset, theme from ‘High Noon’ playing in the background, guns in his holsters, another town (organization) cleaned up, a new marshal (Executive) in place and on to the next town (organization) . Leaving a much better place behind.” Murrell Ottwein, Past Chairman, National Association of Exclusive Buyer Agents.